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What is cheap Cialis online

Cheap Cialis is a unique drug that has cured hundreds of thousands of men. The drug treats erectile dysfunction, and in 100% of cases after the first dose helps to achieve sexual intercourse within 36 hours. Cialis yellow, frosted look. Has no taste or smell. Works very efficiently with the first dose. Viagra works for 6 hours, Levitra for 12 hours, Cialis is the most effective and works 36 hours. Cialis is the brand and generic. One is made in the USA and another in Canada. That and that the drug is equally effective, as it contains one composition (a substance Tadalafil). Is different dosages, but a standard dosage of Cialis is 5mg for admission every day, and 20 mg for reception 2-3 times a week

Cheap Cialis online is a drug developed by Us scientists. In 2002 there was a conference of urologists, which presented a new drug called Cialis. Already in 2003 the FDA confirmed to enable the use of the drug in the United States and around the World. The first known remedy was Viagra. And has established itself positively. But everything in life has improved. Improve technology, science, engineering, and so is drugs. Cialis was developed as an improved version. Viagra worked 3-5 hours, and Cialis 36 hours. What is the main advantage of Cialis. Its uniqueness lay in the fact that the substance Tadalafil dissolves very long in the body and works there for 36 hours. But it is not a plus in difference Viagra. Cialis has much less side effects. As it works entirely on a different principle. Usually the side effects were rare cases of headache or lower back pain. But these cases were quite rare. During the existence of Cialis he proved himself as a leading drug in the Global market. After all, the best indicator of this is the reviews of people and frequency of purchase. Cialis works by relaxing muscles of the penis, due to the fact that tadalafil secretes a substance the body secretes nitric oxide and inflow of blood enters the penis. And almost 100% of cases after the first dose men achieve intercourse comfortably. We must also note two important facts is that the drug works in the excitation of the partner in libido. Also an important point that it is possible to achieve intercourse at any time within 36 hours. If you go to work or to other institutions, the erection will not be seen. That will not be a discomfort (due to the fact that an erection occurs during arousal).


Erectile dysfunction what is it and how to treat

Erectile dysfunction in simple language is the inability to achieve intercourse due to the fact that the blood in the penis goes bad. Most men think that the causes of erectile dysfunction is age. But this is not true! Though with age, after 27 years of testosterone goes on sale, but sometimes common reason can be the age.


The main causes of Erectile dysfunction:

1) Emotional reasons

a) Stress at work, in family, with friends

b) Internal unresolved

c) Psychiatric illness and injury

d) Neurological diseases or problems

e) Internal unresolved


2) Physical problems

a) Injuries of the spine or pelvis

b) heart Problems

c) Diabetes

d) prostate Problems


The pharmacological property Cialis

Remedy, increase the potency. Is an effective, reversible, selective inhibitor of specific PDE5 . As soon as the excitation, produced NO inhibition FDE5 and increases the level of cGMF in the blood. Due to this, the soft cells of the penis relax and the blood in the penis increases. The drug does not work without sexual stimulation.

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